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Rural Lens

Government is committed to the sustainability of rural regions within the province. As such, it has developed a rural lens tool which ensures that rural concerns and priorities are considered fully in policy- and decision-making processes.

The rural lens policy assessment tool helps to identify potential rural impacts of policies and decisions - positive and negative, direct and indirect - in a proactive, objective and uniform manner. It helps decision-makers to assess the potential impacts on rural regions and stakeholders of impending decisions or policies before they are made or approved. The rural lens can also be considered an educational tool as it helps to build capacity and understanding within government, of rural issues, challenges and opportunities.

Some of the key questions considered by those using the rural lens tool are:

  1. Will the decision or proposed policy direction directly, indirectly and/or unintentionally impact the economic, demographic and social circumstances of communities and stakeholders within and/or across one or more rural regions? If yes, how?
  2. Will the decision or policy being considered directly, indirectly, unintentionally and/or disproportionately affect smaller communities (versus larger communities)? If so how?
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